Welcome to Shuvam Carpet Industry

We are dedicated to the promotion and production of the Traditional Nepalese Handmade Carpet. We have been involved in this field for more  than 25 years and have gained considerably sound experience in the management and promotion of this industry. Because of our uninterrupted dedication, we have been able to establish ourselves as one for the leading carpet manufacturer of the country. We manufacture only 100 Knot and 150 Knot Traditional handmade Nepali carpets.  Tibetan Styled Carpet is produced small in number so that it is excellent in quality and expensive than other Nepali Carpets. We use pure sheep wool and silk in manufacturing of carpet. Rather than using other colors we use traditional colors and traditional design which makes carpet shiny and looks beautiful.Eco-friendly operation and societal business philosophies has been an integral part of our operational guidelines. Our dyeing facility used natural and standard synthetic dyeing chemicals which comply with prevailing international rules of Eco-friendly process. Similarly our washing facility is operating under license of Nepal Carpet Association to assure you about our operating standard.

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